Sophie Scarf

The "Sophie Scarf" is a delightful knitting pattern available on Ravelry. A versatile and stylish knitted accessory designed for both comfort and fashion. It is worked back and forth in one piece, from tip to tip, with built-in i-cord edges, providing a clean and polished finish. The scarf features a garter stitch pattern, which adds texture and depth to the design.

The "Sophie Scarf" comes in two sizes to suit different preferences and styling options. The smaller size is designed to wrap around the neck once, while the larger size can be wrapped around the neck twice. The length from tip to tip for the two sizes is approximately 80 cm (31½ inches) for the smaller size and 102 cm (40¼ inches) for the larger size. At its widest point, which is the center, the scarf measures 11 cm (4¼ inches) for the smaller size and 13 cm (5 inches) for the larger size.

The pattern suggests using DK weight yarn. DK weight yarns are versatile, making this scarf suitable for a range of temperatures. The choice of yarn can impact the scarf's warmth and drape, allowing for customization to suit personal preferences.

The "Sophie Scarf" is a well-designed accessory that offers options for different sizes and styling preferences. Its garter stitch pattern, built-in i-cord edges, and choice of DK weight yarn make it a versatile and comfortable addition to any wardrobe. Knitters of various skill levels can enjoy creating this elegant and customizable scarf, perfect for both warmth and style. For detailed instructions and specifics, you can refer to the pattern on Ravelry.